How To Install Solar Screens

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Solar screens are a cheap and effective way to keep the sun out of your home during the day. They can be installed on just about any type of window. They can be considered an enhancement to air conditioners, fans, and other cooling systems. 

But how easy are they to install? What’s the best way to do it? In this article we will walk you step by step through how to install solar screens on your windows. We’ll also answer additional questions in our FAQ section.

How To Determine The Best Mounting Option For Your Window

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The easiest mounting options depend on whether or not you have screen channels for your windows. Nearly all window treatments have this. It also depends on the material surrounding your window. A good example is if you have brick surrounds, then use brick clips, etc. 

How To Measure And Install Solar Screens

1. Casement Clips Method 

1. Look for one-half inch of clearance on each side of the screen frame.

2. Measure six to seven inches vertically from all four corners of the screen frame and mark them in a circle the size of a pencil. 

3. Measure from the inner part of the circles horizontally. Subtract ⅛ inch and record the measurement. This is the width.

4. Measure vertically top to bottom of the window or screen frame and subtract ⅛ inch and record the measurement. This is the height. 

5. Pop on your clips at the measured areas. Do a “soft” install of the screen frame. If everything is good then just reinstall your screen frame.

2. Leaf Springs Method

1. To install your leaf springs, just measure the size of your window. Take a horizontal measurement from the top inner recessed area of the track or channel of your window frame. 

2. Next, do the same for the bottom channel. 

3. Subtract ⅛ inch from each measurement to get the width. You can measure several areas up and down the frame if needed. 

4. To get the height, measure from the top recessed challen to the lower lip of the lower channel. Subtract 1/16 inch to get the final measurement.

5. Then just clip the leaf spring on the top corners of the screen frame and you are golden!

3. Brick Clips Method

1. Make sure there is a brick install surrounding the window. Measure out the width of the window frame first. Be sure to measure in multiple spots to make sure you have the smallest measurement. Subtract one inch from the original measurement. 

2. Measure the window height and Subtract ⅛ inch to get the final measurement.

3. Attach the brick clips around six to seven inches from each corner of the screen frame. Install the frame by first lining it up and pushing in the top brick clips followed by the bottom clips. And you are done.

4. 3M Dual Lock Method

1. Check to see if you have at least ⅝ inch of window frame on all sides.

2. Start measuring from the outer edge of the window frame on one side to the other side to side. Subtract ⅛ inch and record the measurement. This is the width.

3. Measure the window edge to edge from the top to the bottom. Subtract ⅛ inch and record the measurement. This is the height. 

4. Next you need to make sure you clean the edges of the window frame thoroughly so that the dual lock will stick.

5. Add the 3M dual lock to the inside corners of the screen frame or anywhere else you wish to put it such as the sides. 

6. Then just install your screen, making sure to put pressure on the tape areas for at least 15 seconds. And that’s it!

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How much does it cost to install solar screens?

How much does it cost to install solar screens? The cost of solar screens varies depending on the size and the efficiency of screen material. Inexpensive solar screens are available, starting at around $25 for a kit. Even custom sized screens can be purchased for as little as $60.

How long do solar screens last?

Generally, solar screens last about 10 years. It really depends on your location and what the weather conditions are. Screens are available in plenty of different materials.  

Of course everything eventually wears out, but you can be assured that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth from your screens.

Can I make my own solar screens?

Can I make my own solar screens? Yes, you can easily make your own screens if you want. Actually it’s quite fun. 

All you need is a screen frame, solar-blocking material and the right clips. You definitely want to check to make sure you have screen channels. If not, they also can be easily purchased through window treatment stores.

Which is better – solar screens or window tinting?

Are solar screens or window tinting better?. We would say that solar screens are the best alternative for homes and businesses. The screens will still allow for ventilation while reducing solar input. Tinting would be more appropriate when used in conjunction with the screens.


Thanks for reading our article about how to install solar screens. We hope you enjoyed it and are now feeling inspired to install your own screens. As you see it’s easier than you think. 

Happy Solar Screening!

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