How Do Solar Watches Work?

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If you’ve never owned a solar watch you are really missing out. A solar watch is probably one of the most ingenious items you could own. A watch that uses the energy generated from light from the sun to charge its battery is something special indeed.

But how do solar watches work? Do they last forever? Will they function at night? This article is all about solar watches and what exactly makes them tick (pun intended). 

We will also be answering some common questions about solar watches in our FAQ section so be sure to read this article all the way through to the end. Let’s get started!

What is a Solar Watch?

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A solar watch is a device that uses the energy generated by the sun to power a battery. The battery then stores this energy to be used whenever you need it. 

Solar watches have been around for a while, but they aren’t actually that new or unique. Many were designed with people in specific areas in mind: 

People living in areas with little or no electricity, military personnel, and remote areas in developing nations.

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How Does a Solar Watch Work?

Solar watches are powered by a solar panel. An important thing to note is that, unlike solar lights, solar watches require light to work. The solar panel is so thin it can be applied to all sorts of watches to improve functionality. One great example is watching for underwater activities.

The panel is designed to allow as much light as possible to pass through. Nearly all solar watches have a backup battery that activates if needed. The watch batteries do have a shelf life. 

How Long Do Solar Watches Last?

Solar watches are incredible devices that provide the most efficient way to charge your batteries. They function completely independently of external electricity sources such as electricity provided by electricity grids, and they function at night as well as during the day. 

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They also provide an easy way to generate and store your own electricity. For these reasons they are completely timeless and they should last for years, if not decades. These watches could end up being our new “disposable” electricity saving devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar powered watches any good?

Are solar watches any good? Yes they are! A solar watch is a very useful little accessory if you like adventure. 

Using the light from the sun to power your watch means you never have to plug it in. In fact, some models can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge. That means you can get a second use from your watch without needing to go out and buy another one. 

Another benefit of a solar watch is that it is super light. If you like hiking and camping a solar watch is a great option as you don’t need to carry a charger with you. 

Do solar powered watches work at night?

Yes, a solar watch can function at night just like a conventional watch would. This makes them useful for summer hiking trips, camping, and other nighttime activities. 

They are especially handy to have for night hikes where your cell phone and other electronic devices may not work. Most solar watches can charge throughout the day and night. 

Most have a secondary battery that is designed to run from a single day to several days if needed. 

Are solar watches better than automatic watches?

Are solar watches better than automatic watches? That popular question is up for debate. 

Mechanically, both solar and automatic watches are designed to last nearly forever. but the automatic watch requires more servicing over time than any solar watch. Solar watches are known to keep better time than automatic watches because of their quartz movement. 

And to be perfectly honest, automatic watches have fantastic and very intricate designs befitting their nature.

In the end, it’s really a matter of lifestyle when choosing either watch.

Does a solar watch need a battery?

Technically a solar watch does not need a battery in order to function normally. While you’re wearing a solar watch it’s actually drawing energy from the sun. 

That said, most solar watches have a battery called a secondary cell that automatically stays charged up using solar power. The battery may eventually wear out due to normal wear over the years, but is nothing more than an emergency backup if the watch can’t be charged normally. 


Solar watches are a fascinating invention, and they certainly have a lot going for them. We hope you enjoyed our article on how solar watches work. As you can tell, solar watches have proven themselves over the decades as reliable and even treasured tools. They can easily last a lifetime if properly cared for. We hope your next watch is solar-powered. 

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