Ember’s Fourth Annual Global Electricity Review: Could 2023 Be a Turning Point for Planet-Friendly Energy Generation?

Güncem Güzel

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    Ember, the global think tank working in the fields of energy and climate change, has published the latest in Global Electricity Review. According to Ember, electricity generation from fossil fuels worldwide may decline from 2023.

    According to Ember’s 2023 report, growth in solar and wind energy has accounted for 80 percent of the increase in global energy needs. In 2023, this increase is expected to be met entirely by renewable energy sources.

    In 2023, for the first time in the world, electricity generation from fossil fuels may begin to decline without factors such as a global recession or pandemic. The report emphasizes that this is a “turning point” in terms of “planet friendly energy” production.

    According to the report, the share of wind and solar energy in global electricity production increased to 12 percent in 2022.

    China’s Impact on Renewable Energy

    The report’s authors say that growth in renewable energy is largely driven by China.

    In 2022, China alone accounted for about 50 percent of global wind power addition and about 40 percent of solar power.

    Greenhouse gas emissions from energy production play the most important role in global warming. In 2021, carbon emissions from energy production worldwide accounted for one-third of all emissions.

    The use of oil, gas and coal in power generation increases these emissions.

    A Hopeful Look to the Future of Planet Friendly Energy Production

    When nuclear and hydroelectric generation are included, the share of sources other than fossil fuels in energy production increased to 39 percent in 2022.

    The report says the electricity produced last year was the cleanest electricity ever produced.

    The report expects the increase in power generation from wind and solar to be greater than the increase in total energy demand in 2023.

    Malgorzata Wiatros-Motyka, lead author of the report, said: “When we stop increasing the use of fossil fuels in electricity generation, we may start to see a decrease in emissions. Clean power generation will reduce emissions in other sectors as well, with impacts on areas such as transportation and heating.” says.

    While the reduction in fossil fuel emissions in electricity is expected to be limited to around 0.3 percent this year, the authors believe the decline will continue and accelerate in subsequent years.

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