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What is a Solar Cover Reel?

If you have a solar pool cover, you understand the benefits it brings, especially how it helps with the energy bill. You also understand that handling it is not an easy feat. That’s why it’s beneficial to have a solar cover reel. Solar cover reels help manage the handling of your solar pool cover. You can deploy it when the pool is not being used, uncover the pool easily when you are ready to use it, and easily store your cover during the winter until you’re ready to use it again. 

So, in this article, we will be reviewing the best solar cover reels. 

Types of Solar Cover Reels

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There are several variations of solar cover reels — manual solar cover reels, automatic solar cover reels, above-ground solar cover reels, stationary solar cover reels, and portable solar cover reels. 

1. Manual Solar Cover Reels

Manual solar cover reels mean the reel will have to be manually cranked up and turned. The work to do this is not that difficult, but it is a little harder to do than any other type.

2. Automatic Solar Cover Reels

An automatic solar cover reel is a nice reel to have and is the easiest to use. With this reel, you simply push a button, and within minutes the cover will either be rolled up or pushed out over the pool. This option costs a little more than the other types but may be well worth it.

3. Above Ground Solar Cover Reels

Above-ground solar cover reels can easily attach to an above-ground pool by the side of it. Most often hold smaller covers.

4. In-Ground Solar Cover Reels

In-ground solar cover reels usually hold large reels, which makes them more durable. They’re typically wide and work well with rectangular, oval, or kidney-shaped pools.

5. Stationary Solar Cover Reels

Stationary solar cover reels are exactly as the name implies. They are in place throughout the duration. It’s usually installed on the pool deck or on the edge of the pool. They remain stationary so they cannot be easily be removed from their placement.

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Things to Consider for Solar Covered Reels

Now that you know the different types of solar cover reels to choose from, here are additional features to consider about each one:

Size and Shape of Cover

The objective of the solar cover is to cover the pool, so the cover must cover the full length and width of the pool. It’s also important that the cover fits the shape of your pool. Without good accuracy on the size and shape of the cover, the cover reel won’t be of much help.

Hand Crank

The cover reel will either offer an automatic crank or a hand crank. The preference of the hand crank will determine how much work will need to go into using the reel cover. Keep in mind the automatic will cost more.


Having a low-maintenance cover reel is a smart choice. Most cover reels sit out in all kinds of weather. If it’s not durable, you’ll know when it begins to fall apart. So make sure your cover reel is durable or one that can be easily stored and doesn’t have to sit in the elements.

Overall Look

Most reels will be visible on your pool deck unless it’s portable. So, consider that as you think about the pool parties you’ll be hosting throughout the summer. If it has to be visible, you want to make sure it’s not hard on the eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Install a Solar Cover Reel? 

How to install a solar cover reel? It’s not easy installing a cover reel, but not all cover reels are the same. So, depending on the type of reel you have, the installation process may look different. But there are a few commonalities among reels. Every cover reel comes with straps that the solar cover can easily slip on to. Once the cover is attached, it’s a simple process of cranking the handle to roll or unroll the cover. In most cases, the hand crank can be locked to stay in place once the cover has been pulled completely out of the pool. 

2. How do Solar Cover Reels Work?

How do solar cover reels work? The reel consists of two t-bars with a metal pole and wheel. The middle bar has three clips that are to be attached to the cover so you can roll the cover using the wheel.


Your pool was an expensive investment. You want to protect it while also ensuring efficient energy use. One of the best ways to do this is by using solar covers, and solar cover reels help with the use of the cover. But it’s not always easy choosing the right cover reel. Hopefully, this review has provided you with everything you need to know about solar cover reels, so you can make the best decision based on your needs.

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