Best Roof for Solar Panels

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If you’re planning on installing a solar panel on your current roof or looking to re-roof your home first, it’s important to understand what type of roof is compatible with solar paneling. While most roofs work with solar panels, there is a formula for the best roof possible for paneling. If you’re not planning on re-roofing your home, be prepared to make alterations to your current roof so that it is compatible with solar panels. If you’re trying to determine whether or not getting solar panels installed is the right choice for you and your home, read on. 

The Best Roof Material for Solar Panels

The most common material found on roofs is asphalt shingles. This material is highly compatible with solar panels and involves a painless installation process. Tile roofs also work great with solar panels and have easy installation processes as well. If you have a metal roof or are planning on installing a metal roof, solar panels may not be your best choice. Tar and gravel roofs also prove to be difficult when trying to install solar panels, so stay away from those materials as well if you’re looking to put panels in. 

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Do I Need a New Roof Before I Put Solar Panels On?

Not necessarily. While it is important that your roof is in good condition when installing solar panels, it is not a necessity. If your material is compatible with panels and your roof is not in poor shape, you should be just fine. You may want to consider, however, cleaning your roof off before the installation process begins. Get in the habit of cleaning now, as your solar panels will need to be cleaned from time to time to operate at maximum efficiency.

Is My Roof Compatible With Solar Panels?

If your roof is one of the previously mentioned materials, you’re on the right track. Other factors play into your roof’s compatibility with solar paneling, though. The angle (pitch) of your roof is a piece of the puzzle. The best possible angle for solar paneling is 30 degrees, but even if your roof is flat, it’s still possible to get panels installed, just as long as you’re OK with their energy production being decreased. The size of your roof can also play a role. If your roof is too small, you may not be able to install solar panels. It’s best to have a contractor come out and take a look at your roof to check for size, shape, and the amount of shade your roof gets to make sure that solar panels are a good option for your home. 

Does Installing Solar Panels Affect My Roof Warranty?

It depends. If your solar panel setup actually pierces the roof of your house, that may affect the warranty. If your rig simply rests on your roof, chances are that it won’t affect your warranty at all. Be sure to communicate with your roofer so that you don’t void any warranties you may have. If you’re not sure if you have a warranty, double-check and see to it that you’re not endangering any entitlements you might hold. 

Can Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof?

If installed properly, solar panels will not damage your roof and will actually be a huge benefit to your house. Solar panels have the potential to increase your home’s worth and provide clean energy. If your roof is older, however, you may be at more risk of your roof taking damage. If that is the case, consider re-roofing as you move forward with the paneling process. To avoid harming your roof in any way, make sure that your roof is compatible with solar paneling and talk with a contractor to see if solar panels are right for your home. 

While solar panels may not be for everyone, installation is possible in many different scenarios. If your roof matches the criteria presented in this article, a solar panel may be a great fit for your home. Get in touch with your roofer and with a contractor to learn more about the installation process today.

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